Managing the food services is one of the most critical things in a wedding party, and we provide one of the best catering services in Delhi. Our catering service allows you to be creative with the menu with almost all items available with us. We have over hundred vegetarian items in our menu and close to 100 items on the non vegetarian menu. 


We also provide specialized menu with rare items like Thai food and Japanese Shushi. You just need to visit us and get the best catering services in Delhi. Our catering is economical and we do not compromise with quality of food and cleanliness. You can pick and choose from the variety of items and even the color of crockery items. We also have the best bakers working for us to increase the range of our bakery items.

We provide the best of services

Catering requires personal attention to details and providing delightful service is our strength. This is the reason for being one of the best outdoor caterers in Delhi. We take pride in providing impeccable service, and once you give us a chance you will not go elsewhere.

Inattentiveness in service is our USP

 We will innovate and make the party once in a life time experience for you. One of the changes that we make is in arranging the items on the table. So, you might find vegetables arranged in a manner that will be visual delight and your guests will appreciate it. We also pay attention to color details of the crockery we use and make sure it blends in with the color combinations of the decorations. After all, parties are all about being attractive, isn’t it? We yearn to be among the best wedding caterers in Delhi.

Drinks of all Kinds with cocktails and mock tails

With us you need not worry about the drinks counter. We have well trained individuals to service your guests. They are adept at making fine cocktails and mock tails which add life to the party. We also offer premium spirits on order to our esteemed guests. You just need to notify the brand and it will be there in ample supply.

Designing menus for you

The menus that we design are customized to suit your needs. There is no fixed menu, and we take the preference of our customers as the highest priority. Menus are customized as per the event and budget. We have a presence of over a decade in the market and have successfully delighted our clients. Hygienic cooking and the best present ability is our promise.

Tasty food which will charm you

Our cooks and service guys are well trained in the art of cooking and serving. The experience you will have with us is the bonus that we are proud of. Tingling the taste buds of clients, so that they refer us is the only marketing we do. Your guests will remember each and every dish’s taste and will question you about it.