Decorations with lights, flowers and colors are a must for every wedding. It adds the x-factor to the wedding. Whether it is marriage flower decoration or flower stage decorations Royals tent decorators have all the services. It also includes stage decorations for wedding. The decorations will be the life and soul of your party, and add the visual grandeur.


Flower decorations with innovative ideas

Flowers add the nice aroma and the colors to every wedding. This is the reason for flower decorators in Delhi having high demand during the wedding season. We provide the best innovations with flowers. Our marriage flower decoration services include stage decorations for wedding, bouquet making for the guests, flower pot arrangement on the location and customized garlands for the couple. We have excellent creative artists with us who will make the event stand out in the mind of your guest as a memorable one.

We also make flower welcome mats and welcome gates. The idea is to add color with the nice aroma of the flowers. This becomes easy with our flower suppliers who can supply almost all kinds of flowers to the event.

Flower decor for the dining area

Stage decoration for wedding is just one part of the decorations. The dining area and the lawn also need to be properly decorated and flowers are the best bet. We make beautiful centerpieces made of lowers which will impress your guests.

Mixing and matching flowers for the exquisite look

We mix and match different colored flowers to get the right flavors for the party. The mixing consists of red colored rose, white dahlia and yellow sunflower to make the eye catching combination. Using small, medium and large size flowers we will make your location look like a garden right out of your dreams.

Using ferns and petals to enhance visual beauty

Our flower decor consists of green colored leaves, ferns which complement the different colored flowers. The use of ferns and leaves makes the flowers look like in a natural bloom thus enhancing the beauty. Rose and marigold petals on carpets and stage are also done to get the royal feel.

Vase and flower pot arrangements for a complete Royal look

 Another aspect of marriage flower decoration is the use of vases and flower pots. We use flower pots near the entrance and along the table sides to complete the magical settings, and also place beautiful vases on the tables to complete the picture. Flower decor is a specialized service, and we at Royals tent decorators provide all kinds of wedding flower decoration in Delhi. With us at your service you can be assured of a grand wedding within your specified budget. Delighting our clients is our aim!