Wedding lighting is a service that requires attention to details. Lighting is an element which is necessary part of wedding decor. The service offered by Royals tent decorators includes string lights, paper lanterns, centerpieces and chandeliers for the location. We have a wide variety of wedding lighting with different color combinations.

We Offer All Types of Light Decorations in Weddings

Types of Wedding lighting

Knowing the types of lighting on offer can make your choices easier. The most popular types in modern weddings are:

Stencil cut projection lighting - This is very popular as it lets the names of couples projected on the wall and dance floor. It is like personalizing the lighting and the guests love it too. Another variation of this kind of lighting is projecting certain patterns like a mantra or a verse.

Colored wash lightingLights changing color with time is really popular among clients for wedding lighting. We specialize in this kind of wedding light decoration in Delhi. So, if you want to add color to light, call upon us and get the best.

Highlight style lighting Lighting the pathway with paper lamps and the tent with hanging lights is the property of highlight style lighting. We use string and paper lanterns in this style to make your wedding location look like a palace of grandeur.

Landscape lighting with focus light - The wedding is the time for the couple to be in focus, and the focus light with landscape is just right for this. You can use this type of lighting for outdoor or indoor locations.

Give us the chance to brighten your celebrations with our lighting services. Adding light to the revelry is one of our strong points.